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The Black Harbor The Black Harbor is an online account of the work, ideas, and inspiration of a tight-nit collective of creatives. Over the years we have created things together, attended school together, fought together, and partied together. We have grown beyond the simplicity of friendship. We are now a family. Our purpose is to celebrates the work of the collective and explore creative work in the world that truly inspires us driving us to be better at what we do. Our hope is that as we document our work, process, lives, and inspiration that you will also be inspired and share your work with us.
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Bill Baird (of Sunset) put out a rad new album this year that is a slight departure from his old stuff. Dig on it
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A playlist created by photographer and artist Eric Carroll relating to his Rayko Photo Center show titled Plato’s Home Movies.
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Your stressed out. You need to chill the fuck out and take this in.
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This album has been doing the trick for me lately. I’m a sucker for anything western and psychedelic.
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Justin Fantl
// photographer // film
Based in New York, but often on the road, Justin works for a wide range of commercial and editorial clients including, Wieden + Kennedy, The New York Times Magazine, Wired, Real Simple, Surface, Fortune, Dwell, Popular Mechanics, and Time.
Recent Work
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Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 5.10.23 PM
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American Classic
I spent this last summer in N. Adams Massachusetts.  It is kind of a classic American town full of old mills, a big quarry, farms, a train station and lots of motorcycles and dudes driving around awesome cars from the 60 ... Continue reading →
031812_taos_0430 copy
Here are some images from recent travels.  I have been on the road quite a lot at the beginning of this year.  Where ever assignments lead me I try to take time to do some work on my own.  I feel that some of this work has to wi ... Continue reading →
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Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 5.10.23 PM
These first two images are inspired by the print designs from Hermes scarves.  I love the playfulness of the patterns and the whimsy created by the color and objects. These two handsome beasts were photographed at a l ... Continue reading →
Picture 26
This shape could not exist 3 dimensionally.  It is an impossible shape.  The principle is much like MC Escher’s famous staircase. For some time I have been interested in using paper as a medium.  By experiment ... Continue reading →
Screen Shot 2011-12-27 at 3.36.32 PM
This above image is from a small town on the North side of Iceland called Skagastrond.  One road goes in and one road goes out and it is surrounded by the ocean and mountains.  It is one of those towns that has a magical fee ... Continue reading →
Picture 40
New work from recent travels.  Some feels warm, most feels cold, but at least it imbues some feeling! An important quality to express in landscape photography especially if there isn’t a distinct concept or s ... Continue reading →
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Picture 39
         Mr. Wayne Lawrence’s portraits taken at Orchard Beach feel honest.  Depending on where you look and what you are looking at these days, there is at there is an awful lot of artifice out there and I like that ... Continue reading →
Picture 13
I came across Jake’s work via Looseleaf as a small image on a web page and on a quick glance I thought they were photographs.  My first reaction was that is exactly how I see things and try to photograph landscapes ... Continue reading →
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 2.23.10 PM
Andrea Galvani is an Italian artist working in Brooklyn NY.  His work spans several genres including video, drawing and installations.  There is a surreal quality and much of his work immediately raises the questi ... Continue reading →
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Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 12.46.27 AM
Paul Strand is a master.  I am awe struck.
Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 10.46.23 PM
I really dig Grant Cornett’s work for several reasons.  I think he has a truly unique voice and vision.  The palette and feel is almost immediately recognizable and very much his own.  This seems to be someone w ... Continue reading →
Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 8.19.19 PM
I have been digging this series by Steve Brahms.  It is titled The Evasion Studies and captures people escaping from some post-apocalyptic even of which we know not.  I like that we don’t know what the people ar ... Continue reading →
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