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The Black Harbor The Black Harbor is an online account of the work, ideas, and inspiration of a tight-nit collective of creatives. Over the years we have created things together, attended school together, fought together, and partied together. We have grown beyond the simplicity of friendship. We are now a family. Our purpose is to celebrates the work of the collective and explore creative work in the world that truly inspires us driving us to be better at what we do. Our hope is that as we document our work, process, lives, and inspiration that you will also be inspired and share your work with us.
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Bill Baird (of Sunset) put out a rad new album this year that is a slight departure from his old stuff. Dig on it
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A playlist created by photographer and artist Eric Carroll relating to his Rayko Photo Center show titled Plato’s Home Movies.
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Your stressed out. You need to chill the fuck out and take this in.
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This album has been doing the trick for me lately. I’m a sucker for anything western and psychedelic.
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Woah supernerd! What do you got against the design of our site? Here's the feed. Geek.

Back in February 2011, I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to MADE for a David LaChapelle doc screening, where I met the man himself along with many other creative juggernauts Berlin has to offer (thanks Emily!). To this day MADE projects continue to impress. They always manage to cook up some next-level, astounding shit.

Take 20 minutes out of your day and make sure to watch the following documentary ( Reseen: A Transformation of Visualizations)  on a recent collaboration between famed portrait photographer Jonathan Mannion and 7 other visual artists. MADE invited each artist to reinterpret Mannion’s photographs in their own style, culminating in a group exhibition. Enjoy.

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